Timelapse LD31


If you are interested in, here is the timelapse of my work on Ludum Dare 31. Stencyl and Aseprite mainly.

They fend...

So here is  my entry to this new edition of Ludum Dare ! As a reminder, the theme was "Entire Game on One Screen". In this case, I have taken the concept to the end by bringing title screen, game screen and end screen together on the same single screen !

This thing is named "They fend for themselves" and rightly, I'd rather let you fend for yourself to understand this game, I think it would be funnier... but for the less adventurous I can give some hints.

LD30 - Switch Off

It's already almost a week since Ludum Dare was over, it was time to present my creation on this website: Switch Off.

As announced the subject is the story of two characters from TV that should turn off the TV by teleporting between two worlds: their own and the real world. The game is a short adventure game.

LD30 - start

Woke up this morning with an headache and no idea for "Connected World". But after a few hours, my head seems to be back and I have found an idea which doesn't look too bad !

LD29 complete !

Mission complete ! After 3 intense days of jam, we finished this little game and despite of all its little bugs, we hope it should remain nice to play. 

Feel free to test and let us know your comments, there will probably be a clean version that will come afterwards with patches, effects... and maybe more. 
To play, just go here.