If I had to sum up Ghost In The Soft in one sentence, it would be: creation, development and blablablah in the wonderful world of digital and video games.

If I had to detail a little more, I would propose you to read below.


Ghost In The Soft, or GITS for close friends...

This name is not only the name of this website, it is primarily a label for stamping all kinds of digital creations, whether web, desktop or mobile. Like on chicken, it indicates the origin yes, but these words are mostly there to give the wanted direction.

Some could have make ​​the connection with "Ghost In The Shell", the famous manga in which "Ghost" is the human spirit in the machine. Others could have notice that in Ghost In The Soft there is also "Soft", as in "Software".

You get it, behind Ghost In The Soft, there is the will to create digital experiences with a human part.

Ghost In The Soft, it's fun, pleasure of eyes and ears, humor and emotion in the country of pixels. At least, that's I would like ;)

I, but who is this I ?


It's only me, Alain Bellenger, or Al1 for close friends...

With my engineering degree and more than 15 years of professional experience in software development, I can say that I worked with a lot of different technologies whether in video games or industrial computing.

But in parallel of this technical background, I have always tried to work on graphic, sound and emotional. With more or less success, but it's a real pleasure to play with samples and pixels.

And today through Ghost In The Soft, I really want to communicate all this stuff. I feel I have things to say and show, and I humbly think that it may interest people.


Ghost In The Soft, it's a medium

Not medium in the way it will tell you about your destiny. Medium in the way it is a link between you and I.

Ghost In The Soft allows me to communicate and show my work but also to listen and build projects hand in hand.
Beautiful isn't it?

Beyond that, in a blog spirit, I will sometimes post my small point of view. Probably it will be kind of geek subjects but the future will tell. The tone should be light and pleasant to distract my honorable visitor.


If necessary, you can join me by filling this contact form here