LD29 complete !

Mission complete ! After 3 intense days of jam, we finished this little game and despite of all its little bugs, we hope it should remain nice to play. 

Feel free to test and let us know your comments, there will probably be a clean version that will come afterwards with patches, effects... and maybe more. 
To play, just go here.

The Yogourt timelapse

For those who are interested in, here is a timelapse of my Ludum Dare work. A whole week end compressed in 3 minutes 22 seconds. Hypnotizing.

Next to come: Post Mortem.


Just a little post to announce I have submitted my game for the 28th Ludum Dare. Yeah, Ludum Dare is already finished but I can't tell the same for my little game... uploaded at the very last minute ! 

Sunday morning I was very optimist, I thought I could finish the 3 stages I planned but in fact I didn't even have the time to finish my first yogurt situtation ! Background and characters are a little creepy :/ The result is a little strange but it's playable. Don't hesitate to give me a feedback, good or bad.

In almost flesh and bones

Look who I found in my house ! Through modeling tests, Ludwig has decided to take shape and he's now roaming in my flower pots.

Working right now on the technical part of the project and having not much to show, I took the opportunity, I grabbed my camera and snapped him ! He did not expect it!


Here is an improved version of my Ludum Dare entry "Perception". The game is not perfect but it's much better than the original version. All comments are welcome.

To quickly present the new gameplay, concentration and perception bars are now uncorrelated and must be maximals to find your keys in the grass. Naughty pigeons will perturbate your concentration, click on them and they will fly away. Look around to find them but be careful, don't turn too much or your perception will be altered and you won't see birds anymore !

How fast will you be to find your keys ? My highscore is 1 minute and 2 seconds !